Sometimes it is All About Me!

I really was born in the borough of Brooklyn, which truly is the greatest city in the world although I am currently living in exile in the bucolic hills of northeast Pennsylvania, in the world famous town of Roseto. I've raised three children to adulthood, the youngest of which is now 20 and numerous dogs. None of the dogs has made it to twenty which leads me to believe I am somewhat better with children than animals. None of my children are in desperate need of therapy which I suppose is further proof that either my parenting skills are not bad or more than likely my children just lucky. I would take solace in the knowledge that my wife believes I'm wonderful, but she needs therapy!

Without any sense of false modesty I can not imagine why anyone would take the time to read my about page since about pages are always self serving vanity pages that are largely composed of egocentric pap designed to bolster the writer's sense of self worth. Since I am not averse to a little self delusion I will attempt to amuse you with an interesting anecdote or two along with some sketchy biographical information of dubious origin.

A Note to Stalkers

In the unlikely event that you are a stalker in search of an object of devotion, I am available most days and evenings and will gladly provide a detailed schedule of my activities in advance so that you may more efficiently plan your stalking.

Back to Reality...sort of

Personally I loath writer bios where the author declares that he or she has been writing since the age of 12 and has only ever dreamed of being a writer, so I won't do that. I have however been writing since the age of 13 and always dreamed of... Seriously I have been writing on and off for most of my adult life. In addition of having dreamed of one day (such as now) writing full time and earning a living at it, I've had other dreams.

In no particular order or connection to possibility I've dreamed of being a marine biologist, a dentist (seriously), a truck driver, a physicist, an archeologist (not Indiana Jones but a real one), a paleontologist, an animal trainer (if coaching youth sports count I've done this), an astronaut a professional chef and restaurateur, a hobo to name a few. Fortunately for me as a professional writer I get to do all of them, vicariously at least which if you are sufficiently delusional is enough.

At the core of my being is a curious creative soul. I've suffered with an overactive imagination all my life and endured a real hunger for knowledge for as long as I can remember and find that creative expression is vital to my sanity. Whether I'm writing, in the kitchen or doing some other task the compulsion to enhance the aesthetic is always present, it is who and what I am.

Grazie Mille

In Italian that means a thousand thank yous and I mean that, sincerely. Thank you for taking the time to read explore my site and thank you for the interest in wanting to know more about me.