Blogs and Guest Blogs

Anyone familiar with search engine optimization, SEO will tell you that content is king and a great way to build a brand is to blog about it. Blogs work because interesting content will generate natural links which are the best kinds of links to have, in the world of SEO. The problem for most people is that blogging can be a royal pain in the posterior. Starting a blog is like the road to hell paved with good intentions, so why not outsource it.

Regular or Irregular

The blogging service I provide, like all of my services is entirely a custom proposition which is to say I do what you want on the schedule you want. Length, subject, frequency is all controlled by you. You only pay for what you want and nothing more. For example for one client I write regular weekly posts about his business and submit them to him for approval and publication on his site. For another I write a post every two weeks and post it to his WordPress blog for him to review and once he does I make it live for him. Another client likes to come up with her own ideas for posts and sends them to me whenever the mood strikes her, which can mean some weeks I write 3 posts and sometimes we go a month without posting anything.

Guest Blogs

These are more like articles for hire, even though in the trade we call them guest blogs. Everyone has seen these types of sites one of the biggest is Huffington Post but other popular examples are and CNET. These are extremely popular blogs that are difficult to break into but there are thousands even tens of thousands of others from universities to highly specialized fan\interest sites that accept articles for publication.

Articles or blog posts get submitted and are reviewed by an editor and if they are of high enough quality they are published. In almost all cases no money changes hands; yes that includes sites like Huffington Post. The relationship is one of reciprocal benefits. The site gets quality content that drives traffic to them and allows them to sell ads and make a profit and the poster gets to place a keyword link back to their website, usually from their bio, and occasionally from the body of the article.

How Does This Help

Search engines, including Google use your website's popularity to determine your relevance. The greater your popularity the more important you must be and the more prominently you get ranked. But wait there's more. The more popular\relevant the site that links to you is the more important you must be and the more sites that link to you the better.

Quality Matters

Why hire a professional to write guest blogs for you or better yet why not hire a content mill to create marginally intelligible articles by non-native English speakers? Because quality matters! Quality matters for two reasons, the first of which is the quality of the sites that will publish junk content is not going to do you as much good as sites that publish quality content. The second reason is a matter of pride and self respect. Remember that the links on those articles point back to your site and the quality of the content of those articles will be directly associated with you.

White Hat Blogging Only

You might have heard terms like white hat and black hat seo and perhaps not. As you might imagine white hat blogging and SEO is good and black hat is bad. Do you need to know more than that, not really, but I'll explain anyway. Black hat SEO and blogging uses a variety of techniques that are inherently dishonest to achieve higher search engine rankings and when Google and other search engines find them the offending site may be black listed which means all references to them will be removed and the site will be basically invisible in search results.

That's a Good Question

If black hat SEO gets you black listed why would you do it in the first place? Black hat practitioners are like casino cheats, they are constantly looking for new ways to beat the system and they are good at finding them and they work, for a while. They just like Vegas security departments they get found out and bad things start to happen. I play by the rules, the established rules, I don't cheat to get better results faster.