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I'm not a lawyer but I play one on television. Not really, I just like saying that.

Ths portfolio is a sampling of articles that I have written on behalf of lawyers, law firms and legal service providers and includes some material that was ghostwritten.. If you do not see a subject you are interested please contact me and samples will be provided. Return to portfolio home.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Veteran Mock Juror Types and uses of focus groups in Philadelphia
Advantages of Using a Value Evaluation Mock Jury Reasons for Taking the Time to Get a Relevant Mock Jury Pool
An Idea to Use Mock Juries to Determine If the Real Jury Got it Right Tips for better focus groups in Philadelphia
Genders Affect Your Mock Jury Reasons for Using a Conservative Mock Jury Pool
What Clarance Darrow Says About Selecting a Mock Jury Immigrants in the Mock Jury Pool
Using Mock Juries to Illustrate the Danger of Texting Motorcycle Accident Cases Using a Mock Jury
Famous Trials Though out History - Galileo Galilei Vetting a New Attorney With a Mock Jury
Mock Juries Can Help with the High Cost of Criminal Defense

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