Letter Writing

At a Loss for Words?

There is no shame in knowing ones limitations. Henry Ford pointed out that, “As we advance in life we learn the limits of our abilities." For many very bright, well educated people that limit is the written word. Specifically, letter writing, from complaints to compliments and from requests for assistance to demands for payment and everything in between, composing an effective letter is a skill that is beyond reach.

The Process

The letter writing process begins with a description of your needs which includes the purpose of the letter and the time frame needed for completion. Armed with the basic information I will provide you with a list of questions so I can gather information that I can only get from you. Once the initial information gathering is done I will complete any further outside research needed in order to compose your letter. A draft of your letter is submitted to you for approval and edits, changes and requests for inclusion of additional material are returned to me. Once the modifications have been implemented a final draft of the letter is delivered.

Types of Letters

The only limits to the types of letters I will write are legal and ethical. The easier list to compose is what I will not write. I will not write a letter that is illegal (by any stretch of the imagination) regardless of what a friend or a lawyer told you. I will not write a letter that has the intent of inflicting emotional harm on other person, no matter how much that person may deserve it, even if I agree.


Letters of complaint are a specialty and are generally written to achieve a result, such as a refund, reschedule, replacement or apology. While I can write a straight “who the heck do you think you are" letter my advice is to write it yourself and save the money, you'll feel better than if I do it.

Business Correspondence

Custom sales letters can be created for individual clients or set-up as generic pitches for use with data merges to customization. Collection, reminder, thank you and other forms of client communications can be developed to meet your exact specifications.

No Plagiarism Zome

All letters are custom, freshly written for each client. Form letters and knockoffs from online sources are never used, period.


My letter writing services are usually on a flat fee basis starting at $125. for a 1-2 page letter. Fees vary dependent upon the amount of research required.