Personal Finance Portfolio

For most peole Money is exiciting. What it buys the things it enables you to do. However for most poeple personal finance is boring. My job as a personal finance writer is to make it, interesting, enteraining and of course in formative. My personal finance portfolio includes features, blog posts and website content covering a variety of personal finance subjects including; credit, credit cards, insurance, money saving tips, retirement, taxes and more.

Ths portfolio is not representative of everything I have written but is a sampling of covering a variety of subjects that fall under the umbrella of personal finance. Each listing starts with a the topic covered, such as credit or investing and is followed by the title which contains a link to the live article or a pdf. If you do not see a subject you are interested please contact me and samples will be provided. Return to portfolio home.

General Personal Finance
7 Signs of a Personal Financial Apocalypse Do You Need Credit Score Help
Covering Your Assets With an Emergency Fund 5 Credit Cards for Strengthening Your Credit
The Hidden Cost of Traffic Tickets Repairing Bad Credit - Turning Bad News Great!
Overcoming Financial Phobias What You Do in College Stays With You
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10 Things You Should be Doing to Prepare for Your Personal Finance Future The Road Back From Bankruptcy
Time is Money Repair Your Credit After Military Deployment
A History of Receipts Get Off The Credit Go-Round and Stop Overspending
Where Does Your Money Go? The Problem With Free Credit Reports
More Personal Finance
Dealing With Past Due Medical Bills Best Practices for Avoiding Identity Theft
Protect Your Credit After Divorce Life Insurance Loopholes
Understanding Death and Taxes Gifting it Away - Gifting Strategies That Reduce Estate Taxes
Do You Need Credit Score Help Checking Out Checking
The Homeowner's Guide to Flood Insurance Get Off The Credit Go-Round and Stop Overspending
A Guide to Choosing a Checking Account for Chickens Home Insurance & Earthquake Safety
Burglaries and Your Home Insurance Do Your Part to Improve the Economy - Move Out
Bringing Up Kids to be Financially Responsible Breaking Budget-Busting Buying Habits

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