Tax, Accounting & Business Portfolio

This page covers a trio of interrelated topics; taxes, accounting and business.

Ths portfolio is a sampling of tax, accounting and business related articles and blog posts I have written and includes some material that was ghostwritten. If you do not see a subject you are interested please contact me and samples will be provided. Return to portfolio home.

Business & Accounting
Tax Benefits for Members of the Military So You Wanna Be in Business
Tax Help for the Self-Employed Tips for choosing the right IT staffing agency
IRS Notices and Why The Sky Isn't Falling Due Diligence When Buying a Business
Gifting it Away - Gifting Strategies That Reduce Estate Taxes International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Vs US GAAP
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Understanding Death and Taxes Bill and Mark Quit Why Shouldn't I?
Tax Help for Families Outsourcing with an Order Taking Call Center
Can The Saver's Credit Save You Some Extra Money One Negative Customer
Student Tax Guide Outsourcing with an Order Taking Call Center
The Truth about Crowdfunding and Taxes 10 Ways to Make Your Expense Policy Clear For Everyone
Don't Forget to Deduct… How to Start a Shuttle Bus Service
The Tax Man Cometh and He Wants Records Is Failing to Plan Really the Same as Planning to Fail?
To Itemize or Not Itemize That is The Question
5 Tax Tips for Parents
The Facts About Free E-Filing
Tax Prep Checklist
Understanding Income and Tax Brackets

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